Top 8 ways to survive visiting a Haunted House

HUSH Haunted Attraction: 8 best ways to survive your visit to a Haunted House during your Halloween activities this year

haunted house faces title pic

Our haunted house in Michigan claims to be the scariest, so let's take a look at those with the fortitude to trek the halls of HUSH and see what we can learn.


1. Use your attire as a shield

hat shield

We all know why you wore that sweatshirt or hat... Hide your eyes and just let it happen.


2. Consider the oven

We just bought a new freezer

Sometimes you aren't home and remember you left an appliance on - focus on that feeling. Use that to rationalize why you're grabbing at your chest and sweating. 


3. Bring a protector


It might be bright to bring someone to watch your back so this gal brought this guy to keep her safe. Choose wisely, ladies.


4. Try sticking to the middle

why am I here

The middle is a perfect position for anyone worried about the horrors that lurk the halls, you have plenty of protection. Unfortunately, it probably won't save you.


5. Avoid being the caboose


The back of the pack is reserved for the elite. Those who can take the scares in stride and keep the train moving. Someone the opposite of this guy.


6. The front is no better

first is worst

The haunted house pros won't want us to tell you this, but if you're afraid the front is the best place to be. We know the front is occupied by thrill seekers who enjoy the fear. Clearly not this guy, we think he's actually singing an Opera.


7. Embrace your final form

final form

Regardless of the amount of protection we all hit our breaking point. Embrace it. Take on your final form and power through until the terror finally ends.



crouching tiger

When you're facing the end, just go full "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Honestly though, please DON'T TOUCH any haunted house actors, we prefer our bruises via makeup!!Let us know which of these haunt-goers you are, we can't wait to see you this Fall!!


Which one of these haunt-goers are you? Let us know below! From all of us at HUSH Haunted Attraction, we can't wait to see you this Fall!!