Hellmouth at Hush haunted house in Michigan logo

Hellmouth, or the jaws of Hell, is the entrance to hell through the gaping mouth of a hideous monster. This portal to the underworld has bestowed upon Hush Falls Hotel, a once vibrant hotel in the now ghost town…  Once you enter the hotel’s elevator, you are on a one-way to hell as it descends to the negative thirteenth floor of the building. Humans in agony, chained by their wrists, sizzle away in barrels of acid. Is this what hell is like? You realize that your journey has just begun, and the deeper you walk into the abyss, the more insane it becomes… Read More >>

Ancient Evil at Hush haunted house in Michigan logo

As you continue into the abyss, you stumble upon an eerie swamp and a cursed catacombs. Witches cast horrible spells, and huge beasts lurk in the shadows. You find your way to the town cemetery. Local voodoo… practitioners have tried to keep the spirits satisfied here, with various rituals and sacrifices. Is it enough? Find out for yourselves, as you wind through overgrown crypts and freshly-dug graves trying to escape the ancient evil that stalks you around every turn… Read More >>

Rosecliff Manor at Hush haunted house in Michigan logo

You’ve made it this far, and now the towering edifice of Rosecliff Hall looms over you. The legends of the horrors the Von Rose family perpetrated on the residents of Hush Falls seem more like a history lesson than…  fabricated stories after the things you’ve seen so far. As you enter, the manor seems alive, like the evil from the town has somehow permeated the walls and floors of the ominous mansion. The current residents are not too pleased at your arrival, but they aren’t going to let you leave in one piece…if at all… Read More >>

Wander the streets of the once thriving city of Hush Falls, marveling at the former grandeur of now-decrepit landmarks like the city train station, City Hall, VooDoo Blues Saloon, and the HUSH Falls Hotel.

  • A demonic beekeeper reaches out to haunted house patrons with his giant claw.
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