Ticket type options available to choose from at Hush Haunted Attraction.

General Admission

Admission to all 3 haunted houses, linked in one contiguous path. IMPORTANT: your reserved time-slot that you choose during checkout is the time that your group must show up at the property to check-in. It is NOT the guaranteed time your group will enter the attraction: wait time varies. Upon arriving to the property you will check-in to the virtual queue with the attendant stationed under the canopy.

$19.99 - $28.99

Fast Pass Admission

General Admission PLUS your group will be at the front of the 'virtual queue line' once checked in at the canopy upon arrival. Usually ~1/3 the wait time.


Add $10

Immediate Admission

General Admission PLUS enter the pre-show area immediately upon arrival. Arriving during your designated time-slot is not required.

Add $22

If purchased online, you will be asked to show your credit card & ID at the event
REFUND POLICY No refunds or exchanges allowed for this event

You get 3 haunted house attractions for one price at one location at this Detroit haunted house!
Descend the Basement haunted attraction at Hush Haunted Attraction in Detroit.

After checking in to the Hush Falls Hotel, you’ll be whisked through the lobby, under soaring ceilings and giant ornate chandeliers, past the grand floor-to-ceiling fireplace and into the service elevator… corridor. Something may seem a little ‘off’ about the hotel staff, but rest assured; it only gets more unsettling from here. Your harrowing descent to the basement is only the first step in your journey to madness as you uncover ancient evils in the underground temple and catacombs, first disturbed by the Von Rose family’s mining operations generations ago. The unspeakable evil that was once contained here is now unleashed upon Hush Falls, and it threatens to make you a permanent resident… Read More >>

Voodoo Bayou is a New Orleans themed attraction with swamps, cemeteries, and voodoo.

As you escape the cursed catacombs below Hush Falls, you find yourself in the swamp on the edge of town. Take care to avoid the huge beasts that are rumored to inhabit the forests around these parts, as you find… your way to the town cemetery. Local voodoo practitioners have tried to keep the spirits satisfied here, with various rituals and sacrifices. Is it enough? Find out for yourselves, as you wind through overgrown crypts and freshly-dug graves trying to escape the ancient evil that stalks you around every turn… Read More >>

Rosecliff Hall haunted house is Michigan's famous manor haunted attraction.

You’ve made it this far, and now the towering edifice of Rosecliff Hall looms over you. The legends of the horrors the Von Rose family perpetrated on the residents of Hush Falls seem more like a history lesson than…  fabricated stories after the things you’ve seen so far. As you enter, the manor seems alive, like the evil from the town has somehow permeated the walls and floors of the ominous mansion. The current residents are not too pleased at your arrival, but they aren’t going to let you leave in one piece…if at all… Read More >>

Wander the streets of the once thriving city of Hush Falls, marveling at the former grandeur of now-decrepit landmarks like the city train station, City Hall, VooDoo Blues Saloon, and the HUSH Falls Hotel.

  • A filthy miner with a headlamp points at the camera.
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  • An undead fisherman shows off his dentures and his neon yellow outfit.
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